3 Things You Need To Know About SEO Optimisation

Being able to dominate the search engines for keywords that relate to your business is more important than ever these days. Paid advertising is more expensive than ever, and things aren’t going to let up anytime soon. For a business on a strict budget, or a new venture that is trying to find its footing the organic search results provide the best hope for exposure and success. Much has been made about the death of SEO optimisation lately; but you can rest assured knowing that is very much alive and well. You just need to know the right way to go about it. Consider the following tips to help you on your journey.

Not All Of The Old Techniques Are Dead

Over the past decade Google has done a lot to make sure that their search engine queries return only the most relevant content to the end user. Major updates like Florida, Panda, Penguin, and Penguin 2.0 have completely shaken up the way that SEO optimisation is done. For a lot of less informed online marketers it can even seem like SEO is “dead”. This couldn’t be further from the truth–in fact not much at all has changed for those that do things the right way. By sticking to basic onpage and offpage principles you can set the foundations for a strong SERP profile along with a little bit of backlinking.

You Need To Focus On Humans More Than Ever When It Comes To SEO Optimisation

So what did the algorithm updates mentioned above actually do then if the basic principles are still working? The Google algorithm has never been leaked so no one can say specifically what the code does in terms of SEO optimisation; but we do know that all changes are geared towards making things more attractive to humans. In the past, too many searchers and customers were being sent to spun articles that couldn’t be deciphered into English (and definitely weren’t helpful). Algorithm updates are mostly aimed towards removing these results, and also cutting out fake backlinks that pushed this kind of content to the top.

You needn’t worry about this as long as your content is written and marketed with a human end reader in mind. That means making sure that your piece actually helps solve the keyword query (e.g. “how to lose weight”) and that your reader doesn’t need a dictionary to decipher it.

You Need Help

The fact that SEO isn’t dead is a good thing for many people; but it doesn’t mean that ranking in the search engines is going to be particularly easy. Here’s the thing: if you’re new to the game it can take a lot of time to get the techniques down to a science, meaning you’ll be sinking a ton of time into learning SEO. For many businesses this is not feasible: you have other things that you need to do to ensure growth. That’s why your best bet is to hire an SEO professional, someone who knows the “game” inside and out and is willing to do the grunt work for you.

Finding them is easier than you think, so look around today and get your website the attention that it deserves.

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