Most Popular Web Design Tools

Just as all professions involve the use of some tools, successful web design is achieved when a number of tools are used. There are multiple applications available at the disposal of web designers; however, some are more outstanding. This article presents some of the tools used in web design, which are regarded most popular. There is no particular order of mention; however, web designers in different parts of the world – Auckland included – have different preferences.

Let us start with Firebug, which is an open source and in-browser tool for web development that users can obtain at no cost. The platform is used for the Firefox Internet browser. Some key features of Firebug include CSS editing that can be applied in debugging or tweaking, on-the-fly HTML, a Console application for logging, debugging and analyzing JavaScript, as well as a DOM or Document Object Model, which is an inspection tool that helps a web designer to monitor how the features of a web page correlate with one another.

Another web design tool is Adobe Photoshop. This program is very popular for editing web pages on Windows and Mac operating systems. It was designed to help professional designers and photographers to manipulate images and create web graphics. The program has all the essential tools that can be used such as filters that automatically add various effects to an image or a selected part of an image.

The third tool is Panic Coda. This is a web development tool that facilitates web design on the Mac OS X platform. The program reduces significantly the number of applications that need to be developed to improve a team’s workflow such as CSS editor and FTP client. Coda has a one-window web creation doctrine that utilizes a tabbed interface that is applied in text editing, CSS, and file transfers.

Dreamweaver is another important web design tool. It is a commercial application that is available for Windows and Mac platforms. Its key features include an inbuilt FTP client, syntax highlighting, and project management options that make teamwork in the design process easier.

Finally, Adobe Fireworks is a commercial web design tool designed specifically for web designers as opposed to Photoshop, which is also targeted for photographers. Fireworks enables a web designer to use many options to facilitate full prototyping of web layouts. The program has many features including the ability to create PDF pages with clickable components for enhanced interactivity and impression.

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